Future-Proofing American Icons

We are driven by the belief that classic 4X4 vehicles offer some of the best capabilities and unmatched character.

Modern electric vehicles have opened up exciting new drivetrain options but tend to be underwhelming in off- road capability and boring in design.

Electric conversions eliminate moving parts and make them even more simple, rugged and reliable.

Modern electric motors are a perfect match for off-roading and daily commuting.

The instant torque across the power band and indifference to altitude or angles bring these older vehicles to a level they were never capable of when new.

As an added benefit you will probably find your newly converted electric 4X4 with brake regeneration has become the most efficient and cost effective vehicle in your driveway.

No more oil changes!

We won’t see you again until you need your wheel bearings packed or differential serviced.

EV conversions for your Classic Bronco, Jeep, Scout, or other classic off-road vehicle start at $34,900. We are working hard to offer a variety of power and range to meet your budget and needs.

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About us

We are a small family business spanning multiple generations that have had a passion for vintage 4x4s since before they were vintage. We build a small amount of handcrafted vehicles each year while performing other services and conversions.

Our Services

We offer more than just Electric conversions and can help restore or modify your vehicle. We also assist shops with builds looking to add more drivetrain options to their portfolio.


High Voltage

Low Running Costs

Rugged EV